Time to Say Goodbye

I have a job interview today.  The job is selling cemetery plots.  I would basically double my income.  I’m apprehensive.

Why you ask?  It’s a no brainer!  More money? Hell yes.

No, not quite.  My interview is not until later this afternoon, and the thoughts racing through my head are all over the board.  I was actually okay until I spoke with my friend Paulette last night.  I really was.  But she inserted a few questions into my head that I hadn’t really thought of.  Do I really WANT to sell cemetery plots?  Is that what I want to spend my life doing?  Will I find satisfaction in helping a grieving family locate a final burial place for their loved one? Sure, I’m a very caring person.  I know that to be one of my truths.  The job I will hold will be surrounded by constant sadness and tears.  I already cry watching the freaking news, will I be able to hold it together when it comes to sorrow and bereavement?

I just don’t know.

Another thought:  Do I want to add 20-30 minutes additional commute time to and from work? Sure, I like driving, but will it be okay in the winter, where in Pittsburgh the prediction is snowmageddon   2015?  I’m due for another car, even though I love my Toyota 4-runner, it’s not gonna last forever.  Making more money would allow me to get the car I want, not the car my husband wants me to drive.

This job kinda hit me broadside and I wasn’t prepared yet to move on.  I wasn’t actively looking for a new and exciting environment.  I’m not completely happy where I am now, but is anyone ever head over heels in love with their job?  I haven’t met anyone who falls into that euphoric category.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, it just doesn’t in my small circle of friends and acquaintances.

So today I struggle with making a change.  I’ve already been offered the job in my head.  I might be overly confident, but hey, I’m the total package right?  I’ve got brains and guts and a empathetic personality that genuinely loves and cares for most people.  Wow, that sounds like the closing sentence to my “tell me about yourself” answer, doesn’t it?

So is it time to say goodbye?  For many people today, they will bid their final farewell to someone who held a place in their heart.

I may be doing the same.  I’ll keep you posted!


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