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I work in an IT center and although I’m not as technologically savvy as they are, I can hold my own.   A little bit of their desire to play games has rubbed off and although I’m not a game player per say, I have grown fond of a particular phone app called Covet.  In Covet, you dress a model according to the requirements suggested, purchasing clothing and accessories and submitting a final product for other players to vote on and decide if you’ve won the current virtual clothing/accessory item for that particular event.  I guess you could say I’m slightly addicted.  I try to dress my model daily and compete in events when I find a spare couple of minutes.

My interest in the game comes from my love of all things fashion and beauty.  I have a cosmetology background and have worked in salons in the past.  I’m self taught in many of my interests, and I think I have a good eye for fashion and beauty.

Having said that, I’ve been struggling with a kind of minor issue: the style of my co-workers.  Yes, I do judge others when I’m out and away from work, but not to the extent or degree that I do of the very people that I spend many of my waking hours with.  I have trouble understanding how a woman obviously doesn’t “check her look” in the mirror before she leaves the house.  I’m not talking about the occasional garment flubs, like a little too much muffin top or a wardrobe that evidently looked good on paper or on a mannequin but didn’t quite fit the person wearing it.  No, I’m talking about those people, who for the most part hold a position higher than my own, yet seemingly appear to hold no interest at all in actually giving two shits about their appearance.  I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by quite a few women who clearly have no clue how to use a round brush or choose clothing suitable for their body type.  And I rarely see an attempt to try harder.

I’m sure you’re familiar with that person who only looks good the few hours after they come from the salon.  Their hair has design and actually presents itself to look like that of a women who takes pride in her appearance.  If you’re lucky enough to see that every once in a while, it’s a treat.  Your co-worker might have gone shopping for some new duds and come to work with a beautiful and very thought out garment or ensemble choice that makes even the quietest person comment on the look.  “You look very nice today”, a comment seldom said to these fashion blundering ladies, should act as a red flag to these girls.  Especially because it’s rarely if ever heard.  Take that compliment and RUN with it!  Truly.

My question is this:  How can you wake up and throw whatever clothing that’s clean onto your body and drive into work, surrounded by other individuals who clearly care about their display of fashion and not give a damn about your own representation?   Are you “one of those” women that think that you should be judged on your brain power and sense of self more than how others perceive you?  Can I just tell you that that’s total BULLSHIT?  Whether you like it or not, you will be judged.  It’s a fact of life, and the more you deny it the more it will bury itself in the visual minds of people who see you.  We’ll be severely scarred for life!  Ok, that’s a little extreme, but I have had nightmares of fashion gone wrong.  Crazy, misguided females chasing me down an alley with their too tight stretch tops and baggy ass jeans.  It wasn’t pretty.

Let’s not forget the girls on the beach.  I may be throwing my own insecurities about my body into the mix, but I have to wonder who thinks it’s a good idea to wear a ill-fitting bikini on a body larger than a size 20.  I’m pulling the size out of nowhere and there are probably many girls who do a good job of dressing their larger bodies in bikinis, but I’ve seen one too many girls showing off too much skin, and some who look like they aren’t wearing bottoms.  I’m not gonna rule out a great fitting bikini that has more fabric than not.  There is a way to look good at any size.  I’m a firm believer in that.  I’m not a physically fit, toned woman.  I’ve got rolls and larger than they should be body parts, I’m not gonna lie.  I try to compliment my good parts rather than flaunt the bad ones.

But I guess that’s just me.  I’m considerate of other folks eyes, or at least I  honestly try to be.

As I sit here typing, I’ve checked my “look” in the mirror before I left my house.  A few times.  Hair – check.  Makeup – check.  No protruding body parts taking center stage – check.  

There are so many ways we can piss people off.  Why does our lack of fashion sense need to be yet another one on an already long list?

I hear Target’s having a sale on mirrors….in case you might be in the market for buying one, finally.


Your Expiration Date

We’re all familiar with dairy and food expiration dates.  Take a big gulp of old milk from your refrigerator shelf and you’ll get an instant reminder that you should have checked the expiration date before you decided to partake in the not-so-delicious beverage.  So many times food that should not be consumed gets overlooked.  Sour cream a few days after the date should still be good, right?  Maybe.  But my blog today is not about food.  It’s about life and relationships and THEIR expiration dates.

I believe we are born with an expiration date, we just don’t know what that date is.  And would we want to know, really?  Your life would be so much different if you actually knew when you’d expire.  We might live each day to the fullest, enjoying each and every moment until our last breath.  Or maybe not.  Can you imagine finding out that you’re going to live until you’re 100?  It might not be too bad until you find out that you have many health related issues and your financial circumstances aren’t the most ideal.  Your departure from this world might not come soon enough, or on the other end of the spectrum, it may come too early. Either way we don’t have a choice.  For the most part.  Unless we take life termination into our own hands, we’re here until we depart.

On the other hand, our relationships most likely DO have expiration dates.  Imagine if you will, connecting with an individual either on a friend or lover basis.  We’ve all had good and bad partnerships.  A friend who no longer is worth the aggravation of “being a friend” to.  A lover who has gone in a different direction than you are going.  We make the decision to either allow the sour milk to stay in the fridge or dump it down the drain and buy another quart.

Or do we?

Are we holding onto that toxic relationship for fear?  Fear that we may never get another chance to quench our thirst, no matter how pungent the flavor?  Fear that we’ve been living with rancid milk for so long and have become accustomed to the taste, however bad that taste may be?  Fear that we need the nutrients from the curdled drink to survive?  Or are we just lazy, not really wanting to throw the liquid away because we don’t feel like going out to buy more?  Decisions about the kind of cream to purchase,  low fat, no fat or high fat?  Maybe a completely different KIND of milk all together.

I talk about our associations with other people referring to them as milk because I think we’re all guilty of consuming sour milk.  Living a life with someone who is toxic, past their expiration date, and not believing that we are worth having a good glass of pasteurized, homogenized beverage.  That friend who no longer “feels” like a friend.  That partner who no longer provides our lives with nourishment.  The nourishment we need to be happy, healthy and enjoy each and every day.  They’ve gone beyond their expiration date.

So my request is this:  Take inventory of your stock.  Look around at the things you consume on a daily basis.  Pay close attention to what those things bring to your life.  Make the decision to keep it or toss it.

Get rid of the sour milk in your life.