I read an article this morning that was pretty insightful and I wanted to share it.   It’s a brief article that you can find here

Apparently I have a small hippocampus.  Sounds like an oxymoron really.  How can anything named “hippo” be small?  But alas, there is ONE small thing on me, and unfortunately it’s in my brain.

Are you done laughing yet?

Okay, let’s proceed.  Ahem.  It would appear that people who suffer from recurrent depression tend to have a small hippocampus.  Through no fault of our own, that tiny little area in the brain is what allows us to remember important things like names and places, as well as the ability to remember the good times, all things I suck at.  I really dislike the fact that I can’t remember things from my childhood or even last week, but apparently it’s not entirely my fault.  There’s no special diet or magical pill that you can take to enhance the size of your hippocampal volume.  I’m wondering how men get their own special medicine for enhancement yet we happiness deprived people just have meds that keep us in a fog and diminish our emotions?

This isn’t going to be a gripe session, in fact it’s going to be relatively short.  One of the reasons for my brevity is due mostly to my time frame to write this and not forget to finish it.  The other is because I usually always (secretly love saying that), like to include a song that conveys my reason for writing.  I struggled a bit but then found this gem in the archives.   I’ve never heard of either of these people but I believe I’ve seen the conductor before.  But I can’t be sure, because I’m so forgetful.  At any rate, I watched this video 3 times.  Once to see if it was a good match for my blog post, once again to watch it more clearly, the beautiful dresses and backdrop, and the last time for a good belly laugh.

When you watch the video, please watch Andre Rieu the conductor, give his special kind of looks to singer, Mirusia.  I thought to myself, “Rob, that’s how some people actually look at you, especially when you’re so forgetful”!  She’s oblivious, which makes it even funnier.

Take a peek:


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