I’m gonna go there….


This is the beautiful face of Michael Sam, NFL draft pick of the St. Louis Rams.  I’ve been reading recently about the backlash surrounding his kiss after receiving the good news from the Rams.  The “kiss” in question was to his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano.

Don Jones, a Miami defensive back tweeted, “Horrible” and “OMG”  and was fined and suspended.  Another retired NFL player tweeted that the “kiss” should NOT have been shown on ESPN, there were small children watching.

Obviously Don Jones is an idiot, even if he felt that way, it wasn’t cool to tweet and he knows that.  He had to act all “bad-ass” to show his friends and probably fellow players that he wasn’t cool with it.  Because it’s okay to “feel” any way you would like.  You do not act on it.  How many times have we hated our bosses?  Disliked family members?  There are reasons, I’m sure, why certain people rub us the wrong way or cause us undue pain and or suffering.  This person, Michael Sam caused Don Jones none of that.  I hate even saying his name, because to me he is no one.  He is nothing.  He’s a small minded, insignificant human being.  He won’t make a difference in the world.  He’ll be nothing more than he is now, an ridiculous conglomeration of skin and organs with the ability to tweet. Period.  Nothing more.  We will forget about him.  I already have.  Don who?

Having said that, I’m more concerned with the comment made by Derrek Ward, former NFL player.  He couldn’t believe that ESPN showed the “kiss” with little kids watching the draft.  Why?  This whole bullshit of keeping our children in a bubble, not letting them see or be allowed to “experience” something that may or may not be comfortable for “older adults” is absurd.  It’s one thing to keep your children from R rated movies or cell phones when they’re too young to trust with technology.  It’s another to think that two men or two women kissing on TV or ANYWHERE for that matter will tarnish their childhood and scar them forever.  Wrong.  Like it or not, this is 2014.  We no longer allow prejudice.  How DARE you, as a black man, allow prejudice in this day and age.  You must have experienced a certain degree of prejudice in your life.  How can you now keep that closed minded way of thinking alive by making comments like you have?

Being gay is not a choice.  Being black is not a choice.  YOUR ARE BORN THAT WAY.  Yes, this is my opinion, and since I live and breath in the United States of America, I can still have that opinion.  I’m not hurting anyone saying that.  I believe you are born liking men or women, or both.  I believe you are born black, or asian, or whatever. Because YOU ARE.  Can this not be enough to accept?  We are born this way.  I was born being attracted to men.  Would it be okay for a lesbian to put me down because of it?  Nope, it’s considered “normal” to be heterosexual.  There are lots of heterosexuals that are anything BUT normal, I can tell you!  And there are homosexuals that are abnormal.  Who cares?  Who the hell cares?  If you aren’t hurting me or my children, live your life.  Be a good person.  Make a difference for the better of humanity.  There’s enough bad people and sad events and horrible happenings in this life of ours, we need to think twice before voicing the profanity that is prejudice.


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