Have you met my REPRESENTATIVE?

Quite a few years ago I was watching a comedy show on TV and I can’t remember the name of the comedian on stage, but they were talking about 1st dates and how you aren’t really yourself on a first date.   You are another person who isn’t normally so quiet, or boisterous.   You may be giddy and friendly.  Whatever the case may be, you aren’t your normal self.  You are a representative of your self.  You want to portray your “good side”. 

The same holds true in so many instances in your life.  Going on a job interview?  Send in your your smartly dressed, quick with educated answers Rep.  Going to a baby shower and haven’t seen half of the relatives in ages?  Send in the congenial “I don’t really wanna be here, this is boring as hell but I’ll pretend I wanna play ridiculous games” Rep.  Pulled over for speeding and can’t afford a ticket?  (Who can)?  Enter  sexy, eye batting, cleavage showing Rep.  Called on the carpet at work?   Insert apologetic, tail between your legs Rep.  You get the picture.

Some of us have so many representatives, but strangely enough we call up the right ones at the right time.  Can you imagine?  Sexy Rep sent out for that “called on the carpet” job?  Ok, depending on the boss, that might be an option.  In fact, looking through the options, I think it’s a distinct possibility to mix and match.  Some Reps might get slightly more work than others.

Now you might be saying that it sounds like multiple personalities, but that’s not at all true.  We have the ability to call up the Reps and send them packing at will.  For instance, 3rd date might not need the Rep.  You’re ready to show your true side.  Called on the carpet Rep turns into the “I don’t give a shit” real self and termination follows. 

You see, our lives are filled with representatives of our life.  They benefit us in so many ways and can transition into different Reps for different reasons.   Sexy Rep might work for the police officer of the male persuasion, but what if a female (heterosexual) cop is on duty?  You may end up scrambling for a Rep that doesn’t exist.  $200 ticket later, you research your Rep options, determining who might work best in that instance.  Constantly updating and upgrading, our Reps truly get a work out. 

So today think about who YOUR Representatives are.  Who have you called upon to be the better (or worse) side that you want to project?

I did.  I’m not really a blogger, I had my Representative write this.





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