So you think you could do better?

I’m constantly in awe of and getting rather irritated by fans of sports teams.  Yes  I’m from Pittsburgh, home of Super Bowl Champion Steelers,  Stanley Cup Champion Penguins and up and coming, soon to be after a very long hiatus, World Series Champs, The Pittsburgh Pirates.

Having said that,  I do not and never pretend to know why the hell each player has problems performing.  Why didn’t they catch that easily catch-able ball?  What in the world made them throw that interception?  How did they not see that huge puck flying past their right leg? And why didn’t the coach play this or that player?  Whyyyyyyyy?

What boggles my mind is the amount of “fans” that seem to know everything.  And not because they’ve actually played that game professionally.  Maybe they’ve never even ATTEMPTED to play the amateur game .  Somehow they know, or at least they THINK they know.

And don’t get me started on how much money they’re making, playing lousy like they are.  Really?  How has that ever mattered?  I’m not taking money out of my savings account to pay  their salary.  Nobody makes me pay the big $$ to buy tickets to one of their games.

I guess it’s true with a lot of things in life, really.  We’re constantly reminded of how our President is screwing up.  Each and every one of them has been scrutinized horribly.  I’m not sure why anyone would want to run office.  You gotta have some pretty thick skin.

I don’t want to be president.  I don’t want to play professional sports  (I couldn’t at this point of my life even if I wanted to).  I appreciate the amount of time, energy, money and everything else that goes along with being in the public eye.

If my “team” doesn’t make the Stanley Cup playoffs, it’ll be a longer winter, but I’ll get by .   If we don’t get to the Super Bowl, we still have some good football to watch, just not as nail biting.  If the World Series isn’t in the cards (there’s a joke in there),  there’s always next year.

And when our President is finished with his or her term, we’ll vote another poor soul into office.

Hope they like sports….


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